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'There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men
long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.’

Ernest Hemingway


One serial killer terrified the world. Imagine what an army of them could do...

A woman is arrested at the scene of a brutal murder. She will only speak to former crime reporter, Joe O'Connell.

Joe's obsession with Obadiah Stark a.k.a The Tally Man cost him everything. He is about to learn that Stark's message did not end with his death.

They believe in what The Tally Man stood for.

They support what The Tally Man did.

But he was one, and they are many.

Once they have you, they will never let you go...



David's got a really good skill for making the incredibly evil feel incredibly normal.

Charlotte Teece - author of Toxic City; Walkers in the Mist


This book is uncompromising, both in its grisly content, and the unrelenting tension that builds as the story unfolds. In fact, it makes this novel one of the most gripping books I have had the pleasure in reading since I devoured the final pages of Hellbound. If I might be so bold as to say it, I think this book is better. The narration and writing style draws you into the story and keeps you hanging on every word. I enjoyed every gruesome moment of it. David McCaffrey is a talent to keep a close eye on...

Brian O'Gormanauthor of Dawn of the Spiders, Day of the Spiders, Pharmacy and The Final Wish of Maggie Bosworth


Nameless is a great addition to the Hellbound series. It gives the reader an insight into one man and his seriously horrifying legacy.

Sarah Hardy -