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IN EXTREMIS: A Hellbound Novella

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It's 1888. Whitechapel. Think you know the story? You don't know Jack...

James Maybrick had secured his legacy as the most infamous serial killer of all time...his diary would one day shock the world.

Thomas Quinn wants revenge...his actions will give birth to an organization of unspeakable power.

Together, they unwittingly set in motion a plan that will one day lead to the serial killer, Obadiah Stark.

Stark became The Tally Man.

They were The Brethren.

Maybrick is known to history by another name.



In Extremis: A Hellbound Novella is the second book in the Hellbound Anthology


Received for - In Extremis: A Hellbound Novella



Molly was her name. Her head caved in like a watermelon. My first and I found her exquisite. The other servants were no challenge. That fool lying beside the last of them was a gift. Women are my mission but why not a man. It felt different. Solid. His head didnt collapse like the others. It has been to long so I begin again. I decided to write it down to remember and so others could know should this ever be found. I keep thinking of Bunny. I truly believe I have been given a mission. To rid the world of all whores. I am not done. 


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Robert Enright, author of One by One - 'This has to be one of the most fascinating takes on Jack The Ripper that I have ever read and McCaffrey not only makes it believable, he almost changes history itself. The man has a writing style that is almost poetic, his sentences wrap around your mind like a python before squeezing the image into your brain.'
Sarah Hardy, - 'I really enjoyed the authors version and it makes for a very enjoyable and chilling read.'
Michelle Ryles, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer - 'David McCaffrey, using facts and fiction, brilliantly recreates the story of James and Florence Maybrick. I really enjoyed In Extremis; although it is a short story, there is so much packed into the book. With an extract from the journal of James Maybrick, this is a must read for anyone fascinated with Jack the Ripper.'
Gordon McGhie, -  'I always feel that any book tackling Jack the Ripper needs to ensure it captures the right feel of the time. McCaffrey certainly achieved this, the language and the character dialogue had the right touches of the Victorian era and the locations (from narrow, dark Whitechapel streets to grand aristocratic houses) all rang true. It was easy to lose myself in the story.

'Taking on a story about the most famous of villains is no small task – David McCaffrey has handled it superbly and presents another interesting angle on the legacy of Jack The Ripper.'