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  • Hellbound: The Tally Man

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 Emma The Little Bookworm






A promising boxing career in the past. 
A horrific crime defining the future. 
A desire for revenge that would have consequences.

By Any Means Necessary - Stephen Sayers £9.99 Order HERE




The Book Club



Silviya Yordanova uses digital art to create the most astonishing book covers. As the lady herself says they are a mixture of ‘concept, emotion and a drop of darkness.’ I contacted Silviya with a request to design the cover for my next novel and she did not disappoint. She took my suggestions and came back with something which was exactly as I had pictured it, only better!

Her work has been featured in magazines all over the world - Advanced Photoshop (UK), Photoshop Creative (UK), Advanced Creation (France), Der Bildbearbeiter (Germany), Dark Beauty Magazine, Pagan Edge, MuseTouch to name a few.

Silviya has also designed the book covers for Diane O’Toole’s Rings of Smoke, Ryan Mark’s Tremor and Ben Sawyer’s The Familiar.  

With over 2 years of professional experience working with publishing companies as well as with self-published authors, Silviya will take your novel to the next level with her expert eye and attention to detail