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Revised, expanded and updated; now includes the novella 'In Extremis'.

Limited Print Run of ONLY 50 copies.

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BREAKING NEWS:- The Warmest Place to Hide is due for release 2nd August 2018

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David McCaffrey

David lives in Redcar with his wife Kelly and is the proud father of 2 children, Jake and Liam (aka Gruffy). There is a further addition currently cooking known as Baby Moo (named by aforementioned Gruffy!)

Most recently working as an Infection Prevention and Control Nurse in a local hospital, David is now 100% focused on writing and the publishing business he co-owns with Kelly.

Hellbound was David's debut novel and was voted one of W H Smith's Most Underrated Crime Novels of 2014 by readers. A hardback special edition is due for release in May with additional scenes and completely revised and updated.  A short story prequel, 'In Extremis', was released in August 2015 on Kindle with the follow-up Nameless released in August 2017.

He ghostwrote Stephen Sayers' bestselling crime thriller, 'By Any Means Necessary' which was released in December 2016 and is working on a follow up with the man himself. He also has a few others irons in some fires, fingers in a few pies and plans aplenty to keep his readers entertained!


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