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In 1992, a document presented as James Maybrick’s diary surfaced. In the diary, or journal, Maybrick took credit for slaying the five victims most commonly credited to Jack the Ripper as well as other murders which have to date not been historically identified.

 The first third of the journal appeared to have been torn out, leading to much speculation as to its contents and what, if it is to be believed that Maybrick was truly Jack the Ripper, it may have suggested about his state of mind prior to those fateful nights in 1888.

 Now, for the first time, you will see the secrets James Maybrick held and the actions that sent him on the path to become history’s most notorious serial killer. DOWNLOAD HERE

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David McCaffrey

David McCaffrey lives in Redcar with his wife Kelly and is the proud father of 2 children, 8 year old Jake and new addition to the family baby Liam. In between writing he works as an Infection Prevention and Control Nurse in a local hospital. His wife Kelly is his muse and ardent (but constructive!) critic of his work. His 8 year old son Jake once took some draft pages of his Daddy's work to school to draw on which prompted the school to become concerned about the books Jake was having read to him!!! The school were relieved when they found out Jake was not being subjected to books such as Hellbound. Hellbound was David's debut novel and was voted one of W H Smith's Most Underrated Crime Novels of 2014 by readers. A short story prequel was released in August  2015 on Kindle with a follow up due for release August 2016.

No schools were harmed in the writing of this biography!!


What inspired you to write this book?

Having studied Criminology and Physchology when at college and university, I have always enjoyed books about the darker side of the human mind - Jack the Ripper, Harold Shipman, Ted Bundy - but also find research into madness and the essence of conscience equally fascinating. My original draft bore no resemblance to Hellbound (except for one element I retained) but following an opportunity to be mentored by best-selling author Steve Alten, he prompted me to reconsider my idea. Although the story asks the reader to think about the ethics of the death penalty and justice, this reconsideration became the question of 'How could you make a serial killer feel remorse?' And it was this question that lead to Hellbound. Though it might ask the reader to consider certain aspects of justice and morality, it's essentially a fast paced thriller which hopefully will keep the reader guessing until the final chapter!!!



David was recently said to have been overwhelmed, when informed that his novel,  HELLBOUND had not only been voted one of W H Smith's most underrated Crime books of 2014, but he had also won Author of the Year 2014-15 by his publishing company, Britain's Next Bestseller. David would also like to pass on his most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has assisted and supported him, and especially to all the fans of his literature. 

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